July favourites 💜

July favourites 💜

Hello 💜

Sorry I haven’t been blogging recently I explained it all on my last blog post .

I know I’m about a week late for my July favourites but I’m just gunna do my favourites anyway as I got some great things last month.

~Makeup faves~

  1. My first favourite is a Mac lipstick  in Pure zen. 

This was a recent purchase of mine .I saw this in Mac and I fell in love instantly.

 This is a great nude, I believe this lipstick is very underrated.

2. Maybelline New York – Lash sensational mascara 

 This is amazing !  

I recently bought the Too faced better than sex mascara,although I much preferred this because it doesn’t clump and it multiplies lashes. I also bought it in waterproof oops . x

3. Too faced Chocolate soleil matte bronzer

The Too faced chocolate soleil bronzer is the best bronzer I’ve ever tried !

It just glides on the skin and it matches my skin tone so well.

It also smells fantastic (I love chocolate).

~Skincare faves ~

  1. Garnier Micellar cleansing water 

As you know if you have read my (old) skincare routine then you will know I only used simple products as I have sensitive skin.

Although as I’d heard so many great reviews on this product I picked it up in boots the last time I went.

This is great it takes all my makeup off and cleanses my skin . I strongly recommend you pick this up as its only   £3 .
~Clothing faves~


Not my own picture 

I love this top because I can wear it with anything and it will look great.

Such a nice top to have for the summer.

New look (follow the link second /third one down). x

~TV faves ~

Not my own picture

This month I’ve been loving Pretty little liars season 6 .

We’ve been watching it for a long time now and I was want to know who -A / Charles is . Not long left now .

Best show going.
~ Hope you enjoyed reading this I loved writing it~

~I’m going on holiday for a couple of weeks so I’m going to post twice this week at least .~

~Comment blog ideas ,opinions and questions down below .~

Like if enjoyed please it truly  makes my day .

Love you guys

March star xxx

Skincare routine 💜

Skincare routine 💜

  Hi guys💗

 Sorry if the headers blury I need to find a better way of putting it on here.

As you saw from the title this is my skincare routine. All these products are simple as I find them the best for my skin.


Firstly I use the Kind to skin moisturising facial wash .

  1. In my hands,I work a small amount into a lather.
  2. Then I massage it onto my wet skin
  3. Finally I rinse with water.

This is amazing it gives you healthy looking skin and gives you a fresh faced feeling !

Out of all the products this is the best one to buy as you could just use it on its own.

Secondly I like to use the oil balancing facial scrub.

Athough it says on the bottle its gentle enough to use daily ,I’d only use it three times a week unless I have a breakout.

It contains witch hazel which along with tea tree oil are the best products to help reduce blemishes.

  1. Firstly I apply a small amount to my damp my face .
  2. Then I gently massage in circular movements with fingertips.
  3. Next I rinse away with plenty of water.

This really does reduce blackheads and blemishes. 

Thirdly I like to use the soothing facial toner.

This is an amazing product !

It makes your skin all nice and smooth.

  1. I apply this to a cotten wool pad and apply in a upwards motion on my face.


I added the simple sun sensitive facial lotion in because summers  nearly here and it is great under makeup.

I’m thinking about getting a bb cream for summer.

Which is the best one?

~Thanks for reading~

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March star x

      April favourites 💜

      April favourites 💜


      Hi all,

      Hope you have had a great week!
      I have been so busy with revision that I haven’t been able to do much else!!!
      As you can see from my title this is my April favourites don’t get your hopes up its not much.

       I love this Zoella perfume (body mist) because it smells so sweet and lasts for ages .I’ve had it for a month now and you couldn’t tell I’ve used it!


      Mascara has to be one of my favourite makeup products.I’ve tried the benefit roller lash (which is another of my favourites) lots of Rimmel and mabelline mascaras but never a seventeen one so I picked doll’d up because I loved the look of the wand.Its great because it makes my lashes longer and darker although  I had one problem with it ,I found it didn’t last very long and I had to keep topping it up! After a few weeks I went makeup shopping again and picked up great lash which I love and works AMAZING with the seventeen mascara.At the moment these are my holy grail mascaras!

      ~Thanks for reading (if anyone has)~

      ~Please comment~

      ~All my own pictures~

      March star xx

      Hi everyone

      Hi everyone

      I’ve decided to start a blog.

      Its going to be about beauty and lifestyle as well as being a page for me to share my adventures.

      I will post once a week and I will mostly include pictures.

      Thanks for reading (if anyone has actually been reading!) Please tell me what you think in the comments.

      March star xx